Appartamento Le Filande-  Montalcino-

Living-room with a fully equipped kitchenette- Apartment Le Filande- Montalcino-

Our apartment is 100 metres from the main street, the true heart of the town where there are restaurants and wine shops in which you can taste the famous Brunello di Montalcino, as well as shops of arts and crafts…

The apartment "Le Filande" can sleep up to 6 people. It has its own entrance and is made up of a living-room with a fully equipped kitchenette, a matrimonial sofa-bed, colour TV, and bathroom with shower.

Ingresso Appartamento Montalcino - Le Filande-
Apartment Le Filande - Montalcino -

Appartamento Le Filande Montalcino
Bedroom - Apartment Le Filande - Montalcino -
Camera - Appartamento Le Filande
Bedroom - Apartment Le Filande - Montalcino -

On the floor above there are two bedrooms each with colour TV and bathroom with shower.

Appartamento Le Filande Appartamento Le Filande






The particular colouring of the walls and ceilings gives the place a romantic and relaxing feeling. The furniture is comfortable and elegant.



Panorama  nei pressi appartamento le filande montalcino



How could you go without visiting a winery that produces the famous Brunello di Montalcino?
We suggest you visit PIAN DI MACINA where you can taste this renowned wine and follow the magic of its creation.

If you are interested in sports, try a pleasant guided excursion on mountain bikes along the 'Sentieri del Brunello' (the Brunello paths) and the charming hills of the Val d'Orcia (

Montalcino is in the midst of an area particularly rich in culture and natureŠ.from which it is an easy drive to Pienza, Montepulciano (don't forget to visit a winery and taste the vino Nobile di Montepulciano), Siena and the Chianti area.


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